What is Carisoprodol and how to use

What is Carisoprodol and how does it work

Soma is an oral muscle relaxant that may work by altering the activity of neurons in the brain and spinal cord. The mechanism of action is not well understood.

What is carisoprodol used for

Short-term relief of discomfort caused by muscle and skeletal pain

How effective is Soma

Carisoprodol 250 to 500 mg three times daily and at night was better than placebo in reducing symptoms of backache.

What are interesting facts about Soma

carisoprodol is converted to meprobamate by the liver. Meprobamate is approved for reducing anxiety.

What is the dosage of Soma and its administeration

Carisoprodol (Soma) 250 mg to 500 mg three times during the day and at bedtime. Use for no longer than 2-3 weeks.

What are the side effects of Carisoprodol

Common: Drowsiness, dizziness, headaches

Serious: Withdrawal symptoms, dependency, seizures, fainting, orthostatic hypotension, allergic reactions, angioneurotic edema.